Mars Integrated Mailbox

The most powerful marketing strategy of any successful business is customer emails. That's why we've focused on producing impressive Email features which are embeded into the core of the Mars Reservation System.

With the Mars Reservation System, it's easy for your staff to make the most of every opportunity to keep customers engaged and help your customers stay connected with their booking.   The built in fully functional mailbox totally eliminates the need to emails between your reservation system and seperate email client.  Read on to discover some of the key features:

  • Booking Mailbox

    Send and receive emails directly in the booking with the viewable inbox, drafts and sent folders.

  • CC & BCC

    Include additional recipients using the copy and blind copy facility.

  • Reply & Forward

    Reply to emails within the booking and forward to other recipients.

  • Autocomplete

    Autocomple email addresses from entries in the Customer and Supplier database.

  • Attachments

    Receive and view attachments directly within the reservation system booking.

  • Linked Documents

    Upload documents as attachments and email out as a link to Customers or Suppliers.

  • Global Mailbox

    Send/receive emails which haven't been linked to a booking.  Forward to any booking.

  • HTML/Plain Text Email

    Make your emails customer friendly with the power of html styles and layout.  Also supports plain text email when just a simple email is needed.

  • Automated Emails

    Create standard emails to be sent automatically at certain triggers in the quoting/booking process.

  • Mailing Lists

    Generate mailing lists for bulk mailings.  Great for chasing balances, prompting customer feedback, or marketing to previous bookers.

  • Email Templates

    Setup standard emails for customer/suppliers to be used as templates in the reservation system for each stage of the booking process. 

  • Email Merge Tags

    Populate emails with personalised booking information such as lead bookers name, hotel name, resort details and many more, using email template codes.

Integrated Email is just one of the many powerful features
of our Tour Operator Reservation System.

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