Specialist Reservations Technology for Ski Tour Operators

There's some powerful features built into the core of the Reservation System for Ski Tour Operators. Developed by our software engineers who have worked closely with high end Ski Tour Operators at both management and admin level over many years in a constantly advancing market - we are able to offer teh most robust, efficient and up to the minute booking technology designed to meet the needs of the most demanding ski holiday tour operator!

Consider Mars Reservation System with Ski module if you'd like to manage your ski product contracts for ski extras such as Ski Hire, Ski Lessons and Lift Passes. Also see our Website Customer Area module for the ability to manage large groups of skiers/boarders.

Key features developed to benefit specialist ski tour operators

  • Bookable Lift Passes.
    Lift passes of all types and duration can be sold as product in both the reservation system and Webookit, our internet booking engine. Automatic filtering by resort selects the correct product for the resort.
  • Bookable Ski Hire/Ski Lessons.
    Sell Ski Hire and Lessons as extras through your call centre reservation system or your website.  Automatic filtering by resort selects the correct product for the resort.  Collect essential details such as boot size and weight.  Automatically send requests to suppliers so that the equipment is ready when the customer arrives in resort.
  • Booking Customer Area.
    A secure area for customers to login and manage their booking. They can view and download invoices/vouchers, book extras, add information such as boot size, weight, gender for personalising their extras.
  • Variable Days & Durations.
    Set up any arrival day/date and duration at tour level, or by destination resort or hotel level, giving you maximum control over booking dates. 
  • Ski Packages.
    Mars Reservation System allows flexible setup of many package types such as traditional rotation with transport an dhotel full dynamic packaginge for any day/any duration using any airline (budget, charter or scheduled).
  • Ski Carriage (Coaches/Flights).
    Ski Carriage is available as a bookable product for coach contracts and all types of flight including live bookings for budget airlines.
  • Ski Days Calculations.
    Takes into account resort transfer times and accurate resort arrival/departure times to allow you to show the ski days to your customers at the time of booking. For skiers, this means maximizing their time on the slopes.
  • Reporting Suite.
    An extensive reporting suite includes specialist reports useful for ski operators such as Resort Arrivals with Ski Pack details and booking cost breakdown showing individual elements of a ski booking.